Mt. Rainer

2 Person Tent


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Desert Tan


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Desert Tan

The CVT Difference


Stay ahead of the curve.

Our rooftop tents set up in minutes and get you off the ground and up where the views are. It’s like staying in a hotel, but better—’cause check-in is wherever, and check-out is whenever you feel like.

The quality of your adventure starts with quality products.

Our product quality is no joke and very important to us. Rugged and refined, our tents are built to last through the years in any condition Mother Earth dares throw at you.

What does quality matter without great service?

Like quality, we take service very seriously. Our company is built on family principles and we pride ourselves as being known as the customer service brand. Ask anyone; they’ll tell you we go beyond the barriers of standard customer service.

Family is everything.

There's a reason #CVTfamily has thousands of photos on Instagram: our customers mean everything to us. They're a part of our family. Without our community, we have no foundation to grow. And without family, we have no support to stay standing. Join our family.

CVT Gear

Skygazer Night

Stargazer Skylight

Available on every model

Enjoy the night sky with the convenience of not having to remove the rainfly.

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